Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Get this One!

One day we received a call from Robin claiming that the Fresh Living store on the main street of Cobourg had been broken into and some signed cheques were stolen. He said that all his bank accounts were tied up as part of the investigation and then . . . get this . . asked us if he could borrow $12,000 - $15,000! Can you believe it? Phoning customers and asking them to borrow money?

Turns out we were not alone. As I talk to more and more people about these cons I have learned that they called several customers. They seemed to prey on lonely widows. I heard that a Mrs. Hewston wrote them a cheque for $50,000!

The sad thing is that very few people have gone to the police. They are harbouring hope that these guys will actually turn up with their money. Detective Constable Terry Stanley is the officer who is assigned to their case. Evan was supposed to show up in court last week but phoned in and said he couldn't attend because of a migrane. Poor soul.

Karma comes back to you boys


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